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Browse Allied Health--History of Health and Medicine
•  History of Health Sciences

•  Wellcome Library: Collections of books, manuscripts, archives, films and pictures

•  History in Focus: Medical History

•  History of Medicine from NLM

•  A History of Vaccines

•  Oral History Collection

•  Historical Images from NLM

•  Catholic Encyclopedia: History of    Medicine

•  Free Journal: Medical History

•  1903-1907 Medical Journal

•  Who Named It? History of Who    Named Diseases, etc.

•  Heirs of Hippocrates from the    University of Iowa

•  Medical Heritage Library

•  National Institute of Health: Drug    Abuse

•  IndexCat from NLM

•  Turning the Pages Online: Digital    Versions of the Classics of Medicine

•  Anatomia Collection from the    University of Toronto

•  WorldCat: History of Health and    Medicine
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