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ArtLex: Sculpture
provides a brief overview of sculpture, highlighted with key examples

Artcyclopedia: Sculptors
Artcyclopedia offers a comprehensive list of sculptors with links to related sites.

Digital Archive of Art: 19th Century Sculpture
This is a database of sculptors and sculptures of the 19th century.

Louvre Museum: The Sculpture Galleries
Includes works of sculpture from France, Northern Europe and Italy during the Middle Ages, Renaissance, 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.

National Gallery of Art: 15th-Century Italian Sculpture
This focus tour from the National Gallery of Art highlights Italian sculpture of the 15th century.

National Gallery of Art: European Sculpture
Two virtual tours highlight Italian 15th century sculpture as well as select marble sculpture from France.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: European Sculpture
Fifty works from the European Sculpture and Decorative Arts collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art are featured on this site.

Web Gallery of Art: European Sculptors
The Web Gallery contains 9,200 digital reproductions of European paintings and sculptures. This tour of the collection provides an overview of European sculptors active from 1200 to 1750.

Search for materials on sculpture in a library near you.

Find Books and more about SculpturesAmazon has books, movies, and more on sculptures for your perusal.

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