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ArtLex: Surrealism
An overview of Surrealism is provided by the ArtLex online dictionary, created by art educator Michael Delahunt, with links to many examples.

Artcyclopedia: Surrealism
Artcyclopedia offers a list of many Surrealist artists with links to related sites.

Guggenheim Collection: Surrealism
A fine selection of key works from the Surrealist movement is featured here with commentary on individual pieces.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History: Thematic Essay
Surrealism originated in the late 1910s and early '20s as a literary movement that experimented with a new mode of expression called automatic
writing, or automatism, which sought to release the unbridled imagination of the subconscious.

Manifesto: Surrealism
The surrealist manifesto was written in 1924 by the original member and leader, Andre Breton. It was the culmination of the writings of the
surrealist group and sought to dispel the 'rationalism' which brought about the first world war. It really identifies the whole surrealist idea as a
movement, with an agenda, rather than just a style of art. (

Mark Harden's Artchive: 1925
This feature from Mark Harden's Artchive displays the work of twelve artists at a single point in time: 1925. Images are accompanied by commentary.

Surrealism: Artists
Surrealist artists include Max Ernst, Paul Klee, Jean Arp, Man Ray, Alexander Calder, Rene Magritte & Salvador Dali.
This site offers artist biographies, background to the movement, and related links.

Tate Modern: Surrealism - Desire Unbound
This companion site to the exhibition from the Tate Modern offers exhibition information and a virtual tour.

WebMuseum: Surrealism
Nicholas Pioch's WebMuseum, Paris offers this overview of Surrealism with links to related artists.

WorldCat : Surrealism
Search for materials on Surrealism in a library near you.

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