What People are Saying About the Academic Index

"This site worked well in our test, and gave results as described.... Recommended. Academic Index is a scholarly search engine accessing only websites previously selected by librarians, teachers, and library and educational consortia.
               JKU Academic Research List 2017

"This is a search engine designed especially for high school students.It safely directs students to information on anything from scienc to math to social studies to language arts.
               Andover Central HS Library

"The features that this search engine has are all in line with everything that a scholar may require to find reference materials. It is important to note that this tool is Google-powered and therefore its credibility is quite high... ...the search engine also provides ample information about citation. This makes it even better for scholarly purposes. What’s more, the search engine allows you to search for information with regard to different disciplines. All you need is to select the respective disciplines and you will have everything in that regard.

"Find information that can set the stage for your future research using this helpful search tool.

"Use this simple search engine to find topics in other search engines such as Infotopia, Infomine, Bielefeld Search Engine, Open Doar and Chabot College. Extend your search to encompass even more search engines previoiusly selected by librarians, teachers and library and educational consortia. This academic search engine was created by and is maintained by Dr. Michael Bell, former chair, Texas Association of School Librarians.
               Forest Hills High School

"Find information that can set the stage for future research by using this helpful search tool.
               Bilal Mahmoodch - blogspot.com

"This is a great search engine for college students. The engine was and still is put together by teachers and professors. It does have some advertisement on the site, but knowing that educators are the driving force behind the site, makes it worth it."
               Eric Leddick's EDM310 Blog

"A refined search tool limited to a large number of reviewed and vetted online research tools."
               Hope College Library

" This scholarly search engine and web directory was created just for college students. The websites in this index are selected by librarians, teachers, and educational consortia. Be sure to check out their research guides for history, health, criminal justice, and more."
                Kimberly Brosan

"Academic Index provides researchers with websites previously selected by librarians, teachers, and library and educational cosortia. This selection process offers the very best the web has to offer to academia for research, citation, and theory development."
               LITCeBrary Resources

"Main search is a filtered Google search aimed at high authority rank sites, mainly .edu and .gov which filters a great deal out. Second search ties into deep web academic and non-academic databases skewed to librarians and educators."
               Free Spy Research

"This site is recommended by teachers and librarians and is great for research. You can also search for sounds. I looked for bird sounds it was really cool. Just go to t he bottom of the page and click on more reference tools. - See more at: http://bloggingforboomers.com/going-beyond-google-msn-and-yahoo-part-4/#sthash.M5HwY5PV.dpuf"
               Blogging For Boomers

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